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After constructing a wireframe prototype for an improved, four user tests were conducted to evaluate the improved design. All user tests were conducted remotely via video call using the think-aloud method, encouraging users to vocalise their thoughts as they worked through the tasks. Tests were recorded using Zoom and uploaded to Dovetail.

Fig 4.1.JPG


The user test was designed to reflect the addition of the save button on the home page, as well as the improvements to the listings and advert pages. All participants were presented with the flowing scenario:

Imagine that you have just started a new job in Ireland, and you are looking for somewhere
suitable to live under the following conditions

● City: Dublin
● Less Than 10km from Dublin City Centre
● Price Range: Max. 2000 p/m

Task 1
A) Select your location, price min & max, bedroom preference and save your search terms.
B) Then deselect your saved search terms.

Task 2
A) Move on to the listings page and save the first ad.
B) Then deselect your saved ad.

Task 3
A) On the advert page use the save button to save the ad.
B) Then deselect your saved ad.

Feedback was generally positive with one participant remarking:

“I thought it was very easy to use. I liked how on the ad that you could both click on the picture or click on, learn more, and then it brings you into the ad. I found it very easy to use and very pleasant to look at. I liked the color scheme; the light blue was nice”

Other points:
- Add a Euro symbol to the min and max search functions.
- Add a dropdown menu box.
- On the homepage have more than one picture.
- Move the search bar underneath
- Change the green text on this blue background, because it could be a little hard to read.
- More than one picture for each ad.
- More information on each ad.
- More defined locations.
- Back button

Fig 4.2.JPG


After analyzing the user tests it appeared that the feedback came in three main types, general feeling (Turquoise), suggestions (Blue) and concerns (Orange).

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