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For my project in the Fundamentals of User Experience Design I was asked to choose a digital product and develop it's user experience. After considering many options I selected to assess. is website that allows users to find accommodation to rent and allows landlords to advertise accommodation.

After some time evaluating the site I settled on two problem statements.


  1. How might we make it easier for a renter to browse rental accommodation and find somewhere that meets their needs.

  2. Design a better way to advertise on

With this problem statement in mind I began a broad overview of the site. While brainstorming on how the site might be improved ideas fell into three main characteristics, navigation, function and aesthetics. Taking the ideas from the brainstorming session and plotting them on a feasibility chart to help understand what should be prioritized.

Fig 1.1.JPG
Fig 1.2.JPG

Tools used

Tools Used.JPG

Design Strategy

Design Strategy.JPG
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